Caring For Your HVAC System After A Hurricane

Caring For Your HVAC System After A Hurricane

Earlier this month, the state of North Carolina was ravaged by Hurricane Florence. Our state is no stranger to the devastating effects of severe weather. Every year the threat of hurricanes approaching North Carolina exists. For this reason, Biggs HVAC encourages our customers to prepare their HVAC systems ahead of any approaching storm to minimize the potential damage that can occur. When it comes to the costly investment you have made in your HVAC system, preventative maintenance is always a more attractive option then reactive maintenance after a storm has passed.

Many North Carolina homeowners and business owners suffered damage to their heating and air conditioning units after the hurricane. If you were one of the thousands effected, Biggs HVAC wants to help you repair or replace your HVAC unit. There are some things that you can do to inspect your HVAC unit to determine if it is working properly. For starters, as soon as you can, physically inspect the unit for debris. Turn the HVAC system off beforehand, and clear the unit of any obvious limbs, branches, leaves or any other clear debris. Once you can clearly see the unit, turn it back on and take a careful look. Do the fans seem to be working correctly? Do you see any significant damage to your HVAC unit? Does it seem to be working properly from inside your home or business?

Unfortunately, when damage has been done to an HVAC system after a hurricane, it isn’t always noticeable to the homeowner or business owner. If you really want to ensure that the HVAC system is working correctly and that no lasting damage has been done that could cost you thousands of dollars later, the best advice we can give you is to have one of our Biggs HVAC air conditioning and heating experts come out and inspect the HVAC unit for you. Our skilled technicians are familiar with taking care of HVAC units after storms hit. It won’t take long to do an HVAC after storm inspection, but the peace of mind you have knowing that your HVAC unit is working well cannot be measured. Give us a call today at (919) 329-8288.

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