Common Winter Problems With Heating and HVAC Systems

Common Winter Problems With Heating and HVAC Systems

Every year, thousands of homeowners find themselves suffering in colder weather because their heating systems break down from a common problem. As winter approaches, now is the time to plan for any issues that may come up with your home’s heating system. Although brutal winter weather seldom reaches Raleigh, HVAC systems can and do still suffer from a few common issues.

You may have a broken furnace. The average lifespan of a home furnace is between 15 and 20 years. If you suspect your furnace may be broken and you are in Raleigh and surrounding areas, Biggs HVAC can help you chose your next one.

Your heating system could have an airflow issue. This can occur because of dirty filters, a blocked fan or vent, or a problem with the fan’s motor. You may suspect an airflow problem if you notice that one room or area of your home is noticeably cooler than the others. Airflow problems can be drastically reduced by regularly changing air filters and having an HVAC professional from Biggs HVAC come out to clean the debris and dust out of your air ducts that you cannot reach.

Another issue that you may run into with your heating system is a broken thermostat. If you suspect that your thermostat may be the culprit of your heating system woes, try checking the batteries, look for dust inside the thermostat, and turn it off and on. If it is your thermostat that needs to be replaced and you are in the Raleigh area, Biggs HVAC will assist you in finding the right replacement for you.

At Biggs HVAC, we care about our customers. This is a reminder that in winter and at any time of the year, carbon monoxide can become a real threat very quickly to you and your family. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be best detected by installing carbon monoxide detectors. If you think that there is carbon monoxide flowing in your home, please call Biggs HVAC as soon as possible to have one of our HVAC professionals check the carbon monoxide levels in your house.

The team at Biggs HVAC hopes that you have a warm, safe winter. For Biggs HVAC, Raleigh, Garner and the surrounding areas are home and we are happy to serve the people living in this area. Give us a call today at (919)329-8295 or toll free at 1-866-50-BIGGS to schedule your winter inspection of your heating system!