Five Ways to Know If Your HVAC Has Been Installed Incorrectly

Five Ways to Know If Your HVAC Has Been Installed Incorrectly

It is very common for your HVAC to be installed incorrectly in your home, for many heating and cooling industries have untrained technicians working for them. Bad installation can cause discomfort and a heating/cooling bill to increase in cost. An HVAC that is installed wrong can affect you and your home years down the line. So many homeowners do not know that they are experiencing poor installation and you may be one of them. Going in order from bad to worse, here are five ways to know that your HVAC has been installed incorrectly.

5) Strange Noises: Hearing unusual noises from your unit is one of the first signs to know that there is poor installation. Some of the noises include whistling, grinding, clattering, and popping. The causes of these sounds may be due to loose screws and brackets that need to be tightened.

4) Slow Response: A slow unit response is the results of your HVAC installer putting too much or too little refrigerant into your unit, causing an imbalance level for the unit. This can eventually cause you to lose money.

3) Poor Airflow: Poor air flow can start off with amateurish ductwork, but an inexperienced technician will not catch it when installing your unit. Holes and cracks in your ducts can cause parts of the house to not get the proper heating and cooling, causing you to lose more money from your unit as it tries to unsuccessfully reach all areas of your home.

2) Bad Wiring: This problem is one of the worst for it cannot be seen until something goes wrong. Having poor wiring connections or using the wrong type of wiring can cause a shortage in your unit and expensive problems.

1) Poor Unit Choice: Having the wrong unit size is the most expensive problem you can have from poor installation. Having a unit that is too big can cost you a lot of money over time because of the frequent start/stop issues. Having a unit that is too small could cause your unit to wear down easily leading to expensive repairs.


If you have any questions or simply do not know if your HVAC has been installed correctly contact us! We will come to your home and see if there is any problem and will offer honest advice on how it can be fixed. Do not wait any longer contact us now!