Four Common Issues of Ductwork

Four Common Issues of Ductwork

Ever since 1996, when Biggs HVAC was established, we have received countless calls from people asking for help about their HVAC not working the way it should. But in reality, it could be their duct system that was causing the problem. Here are a few issues that we have come across over the twenty years we’ve been in business that may be able to solve your problem today.

Connections are Poor One of the major problems when it comes to improper duct work is bad connections.  If your air ducts were not installed correctly they can become not secure or even detach from themselves throughout time. This causes air or heat to not reach your home, making your HVAC inefficient.

Bad Insulation Another way of losing excess heat or air is poor insulation around your ducts. With poor insulation you lose money every day and a shorten lifespan on your HVAC from it working extra hard to cool or heat your home. The best solution for this is to get your insulation professionally done so you do not have to run into this problem ever again.

Not Cleaning Your Ducts Cleaning your ducts often gets ignored but it is an important contributor to having clean air. Overtime grime, bacteria, and other pollutants builds up in your ducts making the air in your home not safe. The build-up can also block your air or heat from pumping out your vents the way it should.

Flexible Duct System (Damage/Kinks/Twist) There are many pros and cons to flexible ductwork but one of the biggest problems is that you can experience kinks, twists, or even it being destroyed by UV light and rodents over time. At Biggs HVAC we suggest using rigid metal when installing new ductwork in your home, but if you do have flexible we recommend doing a routine check at least every six months.