Four Ways You Can Prevent Your A/C from Breaking Down This Summer

Four Ways You Can Prevent Your A/C from Breaking Down This Summer

The summer is here, the temperatures are rising, and the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to break down. Here are four ways it can be prevented.

Opening and Uncovering Your Vents

Whether a room is occupied or not all vents in your home should be open and cleared at all times. When your vents are closed or covered this causes your air conditioner to overwork itself, causing it to freeze up or overheat eventually leading to your circuit breaker to trip. A closed or covered vent also creates warm spots in your home, from a lack of ventilation, and a high energy bill.

Making Sure Your Outside Unit is Cleared

Your beautiful flowers and gorgeous shrubs have now flourished and they are looking great around your home, but make sure they are not covering up your outside unit. Your outside unit needs a minimum of three feet of clearance from tall grass, bushes, and etc. Having it covered restricts it from releasing the hot air that your air conditioner has pulled from inside your home, making it less efficient.

Changing Your Air Filters

With family vacations and other planned events the summer can get real busy and you can often let things slip your mind, but do not let changing your air filters be one of them! Having a dirty air filter can slow down your air flow from inside your home, causing your air conditioner to overwork, and cutting the lifespan of your unit. At Biggs HVAC we suggest that you change your filter every two months, but because it is the summer we recommend checking once a month.

Having Annual Maintenance Check-Ups

With anything that is worth having is worth keeping up. Make sure your air conditioner is always up to par by having an annual checkup. Contact Biggs HVAC right now to receive your preventive maintenance!