Getting Your Money’s Worth: How to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

Getting Your Money’s Worth: How to Maximize Your Solar Energy System

There are many questions regarding solar energy systems. The most popular one that we at Biggs HVAC hear a lot is “how do you maximize on your solar energy system?” Trust us, we understand your concern and that you want to see a return on your investment, for installing a solar system can be pricey. That is why we have put together a few tips that will make sure that you are maximizing your solar energy system to its full potential.

Placing Panels Just Right

One way to maximize your solar energy system is to make sure your panels are placed in the best position possible. They should be placed in a position where they will receive the most sun exposure throughout the year. You should avoid areas where there could be shade for it will make it difficult for your panels to receive sunlight throughout the day. This will not benefit you or the environment.

Maintaining Your Panels

Although solar panels require low maintenance it is still very important that you keep your panels clear of any dirt or debris. Once a month you should examine your panels and make sure that there is nothing stopping your panels from receiving the most sun exposure. If there are any trees or bushes near your panels, make sure they are trimmed and not blocking any sunlight.

Calling Us!

Yes, installing the system yourself can save you money but installing incorrectly will cost you much more than hiring a professional to do it. Installing panels incorrectly causes your home or business to not absorb as much energy as it potentially could. Forcing you to call on professionals and at this point you would then have to pay extra for them to repair or replace.

So avoid the future hassle and contact us today! We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced workers that will make sure you maximize your solar system.