How to Stay Cool without Burning Money

How to Stay Cool without Burning Money

From family vacations to your child’s camp expenses, the summer can be one of the most expensive seasons. Why add yet another costly expense to your budget this summer with a high energy bill? At Biggs HVAC, we understand that you want to remain cool but more importantly comfortable in your home as temperatures continue to rise, but we do not want it to cost you a fortunate. Leaving your air conditioner on blast the entire summer can cause short term problems with a high energy cost each month and long term problems with your unit not lasting its full lifespan because of it being overworked. Cut the cost right now by abiding by these few simple rules that we have to offer and be amazed by the extra cash that you will have left over.

  1. The first rule is to not set your temperature low when no one is at home. We understand that after experiencing the hot summer sun from a day of activities you would like to come home to a crisp setting to cool down but we suggest not leaving your air conditioner on all day. Instead buy a programmable thermostat where you can leave your home ten to fifteen degrees higher and it will decrease at a set time before you come back.
  2. Second rule is to not adjust your thermostat so much. Constantly turning the temperature up and down each day can cause your unit to overwork, leading to damages and future repairs; forcing you to shell out even more money. Instead, find a temperature where everyone is comfortable and only adjust when it is necessary.
  3. Lastly set your thermostat at a high temperature at night. Setting the temperature at least five to ten degrees higher is perfect for nighttime for you are not so active. This may be hard for some to sleep but we suggest sleeping in lightweight sleep wear and also using a fan to keep your bedroom cool.

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