Drain cleaning

Since 1996 Biggs Heating, Air conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical has proudly served the Raleigh metro area. We are a family owned business that understands our customers work very hard for their money and deserve to be treated with respect. Find out why so many customers refer us to their friends and family for their drain cleaning needs

When your drains aren’t draining, the experts at Biggs Plumbing are ready to save the day!


  • Fast service: When you call Biggs Plumbing we will schedule your expert drain cleaning technician at your convenience. Our plumbers are ready to solve your clogged drain problems quickly. Same day appointments are available now!
  • Main sewer lines:  When the whole house is backed up the expert drain cleaners at Biggs Plumbing and Heating have the right tools needed to clean your main sewer line correctly no matter how big the clog the Biggs team has you covered.
  • Kitchen drains:  Can be the worst! They always seem to happen when you need the kitchen sink the most.  No worries our plumbers will have the water flowing fast with the latest tools and techniques to keep the kitchen drain clean and clog free
  • Tub & shower drains:  We all have experienced the dreaded  hair clogged drain.  These type of clogs can tame most drain snakes. We use the latest techniques to dissolve the dreaded hair ball clogged drain.
  • Cast iron and galvanized drains: These drains can be very fragile and expensive to replace, if a traditional drain snake is used. We have several different methods to make sure the water can flow without breaking the pipes and the bank.
  • Drain line maintenance: We carry the latest bio cleaning products to maintain your drains and keep them flowing.
  • High pressure jetting: our Biggs plumbers have the latest high pressure jets to cut through the toughest of clogs.
  • Bio drain cleaningwe offer the latest in chemical free bio drain cleaning environmentally friendly and safe.