Preparing Your Heating System for Colder Weather

Preparing Your Heating System for Colder Weather

Finally! The heat of summer has left and we are able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that is common to North Carolina. It won’t last forever though, and soon the colorful leaves will fall and winter will be upon us.

The last thing you want when cold weather comes is to turn on your heat for the first time and find out there is a problem. Having an HVAC professional do a pre-winter inspection of your HVAC system is highly recommended. Heating issues can be identified early and fixed before heating your home becomes a necessity.

When you schedule your appointment with an HVAC professional, there are certain checks that you can expect. Your HVAC professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your heating and cooling system. Thermostats, heating system belts, electrical switches, and gas pressure are a few elements checked during the visit. One of the most important tasks will be to clean the heating ducts. If your HVAC system’s heating ducts are clean, fresh air will flow through and this will allow for efficient heating. Your HVAC professional will make sure there is no damage to your heating ducts and that they are insulated properly. Damaged HVAC ducts can send your heating bill skyrocketing.

While performing a pre-winter inspection of your HVAC unit, your service professional will also examine your air filters to make sure that air is flowing freely. They will test the thermostat, and recommend an upgrade if one is available that will meet your heating needs more efficiently. Your HVAC inspection should include checks of the HVAC control system and its wiring system for any corrosion, the ignition system of your furnace, any elements of a gas furnace, and any other component of your HVAC system that could cause damage to the overall heating system during the winter months.

Biggs Heating and Air Conditioning has HVAC professionals who are well trained to perform thorough pre-winter inspections on your HVAC unit. With over 100 years of combined experience, Biggs Heating and Air Conditioning has been assisting customers in central North Carolina for over 20 years. Let us get your HVAC system ready for winter. It will save you time, energy and money down the line!