Priority Service Customer Preventive Maintenance Program

Since 1996 Biggs heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical has proudly served the raleigh metro area. We are a family owned business that understands our customers work very hard for their money and deserve to be treated with respect. Find out why so many customers refer us to their friends and family for their preventive maintenance needs.

Our Priority Service Agreement (PSA) is an annual residential maintenance agreement that includes two precision inspections each year that includes cleaning of equipment.


But it’s SO MUCH MORE!

When you become a Biggs Priority Service Customer, you also receive:

Priority Scheduling!

  • Your Service Appointment will be scheduled within 24 hrs of your call!

Special Discounts!

  • 15% off of any repairs!

2 Year Warranty on All Parts and Labor!

  • (With no lapse in PSA coverage)

Also,…All PSA Customers will receive no diagnostic charges during normal business hours** & only a $59 diagnostic charge after hours, on weekends & holidays! (A $139 Value!)

What we do: Routine preventive maintenance of a home heating and cooling appliance will ensure the equipment operates at maximum efficiency, but also correctly and safely. All equipment is not created equal and each has their own operation sequence. The comment we hear all the time is “My unit is working fine, so why check it?” Would you say my car is running fine, so why change the oil?

Having the equipment checked lets you have peace of mind that all the safety components are operational, the duct work is not leaking air, and the equipment is performing to the efficiency rating it was designed to run at. The cleaning of coils, heat exchangers and other major components is the most important part of the Priority Service Agreement we provide. This insures max cooling or heating at extreme temperatures. We never just inspect, we thoroughly clean the system.

Our technicians are the most valuable asset to the Priority preventive maintenance Service Agreement. Our service team and the service manager have been certified thru NATE. This is a national certification program with intense training and testing. Our NATE certified technicians are considered to be ranked at the top of the field in HVAC. They also are recertified every two years to ensure that they are current and up to date with new procedures and the technology of tomorrow. This means our customers are always receiving the best service and the latest information available. For more information please visit the NATE website at

What you can do: While certified technicians can perform the annual needed maintenance service needed there are things the homeowner can do.

Change the air filters once a month.

Service Tip: When you pay the electric bill, change your filter. Visually inspect the unit inside and outside periodically. Use a garden hose and rinse the grass and debris off the coil at the outdoor unit.

Service Tip: Turn unit off at the thermostat before doing this procedure. Keep objects from blocking the return air filter grills. Keep bushes trimmed back from the outdoor unit at least two feet.

Service Tip: Doing this assures that the unit can “breathe” and does not recirculate the hot air coming off the unit causing it not to perform.

Pricing Structure: We have several plans to choose, from preventative maintenance to full coverage plans. We perform inspections all through the year. This means our customers can sign up and get the same value no matter what time of year. Our standard plan includes two precision inspections that include cleaning of equipment. Our full coverage option will include the standard plan as well as complete coverage for any and all mechanical failures to the system.

This will require a paid inspection of the existing system to see if it meets the guidelines of our service plan terms. The cost can be applied to the service plan once it is accepted. We give all of our Priority Service Agreement Customers a twenty- four hour response time. This means you are always first no matter what type of weather. One of our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help customize a plan for you. Please call our office for more information.

Information needed:
How many systems you would like covered
How many accessories you would like added, such as whole house air cleaners, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, etc.
**All PSA Customers will receive no diagnostic charges during normal business hours for billed repairs made on same invoice.

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