Tips for Staying Safe with a Space Heater

Tips for Staying Safe with a Space Heater

Space heater safety

Sometimes added warmth is needed on these frigid days that we are having this winter. And for many that means bringing out the space heater to warm up the house and make it cozier. But avoiding safety precautions can turn your snug environment into a tragic situation. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe with a space heater.

Keep the Surroundings Clear: The number one rule when having a space heater is to make sure that its surroundings are kept clear. Whether it is turned on or not, always try to keep items at least 5 feet away from it. Just to be more cautious, for flammable items, such as blankets, drapes, and toys, try to go for 8-10 feet.

Child Free Zone: Let’s face it, kids will be kids and they can often get rowdy at times but make sure that they are having their fun away from the space heater.  Let them know that they are not allowed to play around the space heater or pass a certain point that is close to it. This will prevent them from getting accidently burned or possibly tipping it over. But don’t just leave it at that, inform them of the dangers of a space heater and why they shouldn’t be around it, kids are very curious.

Do Not Leave Your Space Heater Unattended: This next tip may sound like a no brainer but you will be surprised by how many house fires were started last year because of it. Mistakes happen but do not let an unattended space heater be one of them. At no point in time should a space heater be operating when no one is home or when you and your family are asleep. If you are a person that tends to forget a lot, try for a more high tech digital space heater that will automatically cut off after a certain time.

No Extension Cords: Never use an extension cord to operate your space heater. Extension cords are not meant for long term use. So using one throughout the day to power your heater can cause it to overheat and possibly melt down. They can also cause someone to tip your heater over by them tripping over the cord. Always use a wall socket for power source or buy one that’s battery operated          space heater safety infographic

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