Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

The summer weather is upon us, and if you are a resident in cities like Raleigh, NC or Garner, NC then you know that the heat of summer can be brutal. Temperatures regularly top 90 degrees, and many times the heat index makes the temperatures outside feel hotter than 100 degrees. If you are a homeowner or a business owner that is experiencing a malfunctioning air conditioner then you already know that the time you spend while waiting for an air conditioning repair professional to service your unit is miserable.

At Biggs HVAC, we make every effort to make sure that our clients do not have to wait for us very long, if at all. We take our jobs seriously, and we know that if our clients are without air conditioning then they are suffering. We never want for them to have go long without a fixed air conditioning unit during the dead heat of the North Carolina summertime. However, sometimes a part has to be ordered or we simply cannot get out to a client as quickly as we would love to do. During those times, here are some tips on staying cool while waiting for your air conditioning repair to be fixed.

Check your ceiling fans. Make sure that the blades are rotating counter clockwise in the summer months so that they are pulling the warmer air up towards the ceiling.

Make sure your house is well insulated. This means checking windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps allowing outside heat to come in.

Open your windows at night if you can. Carolina nights still bring cooler temperatures.

Stay hydrated. Drink cold beverages for instant relief from the heat.

Consider eating your meals out or preparing meals that do not require the use of your stove.

Get out of your home when you can and find a place with air conditioning to spend some time at, especially when the temperatures are at their highest. This could be a favorite store, a restaurant, a movie theater, or at a friend’s house. The more time you are out of the heat, the better.